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We are always looking for volunteers to help us with fieldwork, data collection, and project coordination. We welcome social scientists of all backgrounds and experience levels to contribute their unique experience to this project. This is an excellent opportunity for anthropology students to practice conducting fieldwork and gaining experience that can go on a graduate program application or resume. We will provide training if you provide the effort.

We are particularly interested in collaborating with universities, social science departments, and/or faculty to use Voices of Virginia as part of their educational programs or courses in political science, anthropology, and sociology.  All volunteers will receive training and support from the Voices of Virginia leadership team.

If interested or have questions, contact Dr. Frances Norwood at francesnorwood@aol.com or Victoria X. Danner vxdanner@smcm.edu.

Note: Travel funds are not currently available so we encourage individuals who live or work in the six regions or nearby to volunteer. However, we welcome all individuals and will help wherever we can.

Volunteer Positions

Regional Coordinator - Tidewater, Shenandoah

Regional Coordinators are part of the Voices of Virginia Leadership Team with the Principal Investigators and Project Coordinators. Regional Coordinators are responsible for aspects of research and community development for their region, including establishing and building rapport with community organizations and key stakeholders, organizing a team of researchers, organizing data collection for up to 50 interviewees and focus group participants, organizing participant observation events, and managing events to share data back with the community.

The Regional Coordinator maintains a general knowledge of the cultural, historical, and political background of the assigned region. Regional coordinators will receive support by the leadership team including methodology and data collection guides, consent forms, training for researchers, access to video and audio recording equipment, literature review, and monthly check-ins.

Interviewers - All Regions

Interviewers work with the Regional Coordinator to identify and recruit informants for one-on-one interviews and collect demographic data for each informant. Interviewers schedule interviews and secure the interview location in consideration of the informant’s availability and comfort.  

Interviewers who commit to an interview are also committing to recording that interview by video or audio device and for transcribing the interview within one month of scheduled date.

Focus Group Moderators - All Regions

The Focus Group Moderator works with the Regional Coordinator to identify and recruit informants for focus groups, conduct focus group sessions, and collect demographic data for each participant. The Moderator schedules focus group sessions and secures the location in consideration of informants’ availability and comfort.  

Focus Group Moderators who commit to completing a focus group are also committing to recording that group by video or audio device and for transcribing the focus group within one month of scheduled date. 


Committees assist the leadership team in developing and implementing the administrative aspects of Voices of Virginia. The committees are charged with managing fundraising, public relations, developing methodology, and literature alongside the Voices of Virginia leadership team.

Committees meet mainly online via video conference or teleconference depending on the location and availability of members.

Public Relations Committee

Public Relations promotes the project goals and results to the public and anthropologist communities via online, social media, written materials, and graphics.

Public Relations researches venue and events where the project can be promoted and garner interest from the community, potential stakeholders, and other organizations.

Literature Review Committee

Literature Review researches primary and secondary literature and provides an evaluative report of information found in the literature related to the project.

Literature Review is responsible for the description, evaluation, summarization, and clarification of the literature. Literature Review keeps this information in a database or other similar format that is accessible to all project members.

Grants/Fundraising Committee

Grants/Fundraising Committee identifies funding and grant opportunities for the research project in order to secure the needed resources to implement the project. Grants/Fundraising creates estimates and itemized spreadsheets to monitor cost and budget of the project.

Grants/Fundraising composes and submits grant/funding applications and compiles the needed information and materials for grant/funding applications with the oversight of the Principal Investigators.

Donate to Our Cause

Voices of Virginia is a volunteer led and implemented research project that provides real world training and experience for anthropologists of all ages and backgrounds while researching a significant topic. Donations help us accomplish our goal and we need your help! Even if it's just $1 or $500, every little bit counts and all proceeds go towards the Voices of Virginia project.

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If you're interested in participating in the Voices of Virginia project or want to learn more, please contact Victoria X. Danner at wapaethnoproject@gmail.com 

Thank You!

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